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Who is this website for?
SATISHMANIA is for like minded people who are tired of using stock mobile phones, stock tablets, PCs with OEM Windows etc.
If you are willing to fiddle around, explore, customize and get the most out of stock apps and gadgets then read on. If you have had software problems with your mobile, tablet or PC read on.

What does this website contain?
This website contains information on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. With technology advancing at the speed of light and a new technological innovation cropping up regularly it is difficult for most people to unravel all its complications. I am sailing on the same boat and have dealt with everyday problems ranging from common software issues to an urge to upgrade a device or tweak it to make it more useful. In this website I have put it all together and made some tutorials for people who are new/willing to explore and for those facing technological issues. Technology always advances but we shouldn’t fall behind. Most of all we need to realize its potential and use it effectively.
Note: There will be NO articles or tutorials related to Hacking or Cracking.

There will be video tutorials related to various technologies. A video tutorial is the best way to show a live demo.

Non Technology Topics

I am a big fan of the classic WWF Wrestling. I own a Youtube Channel where I post some of my favorite promos/matches. Please check out my channel “satishmania“. I am also planning to show live feeds of my channel here soon.

Cartoons/Animated Series
I loved the classic animated TV series like Swat Kats, Centurions, Top Cat, Speed Racer etc. I will be combining videos from over the internet and posting a library of video URLs.

About me:
My name is Satish. I hail from Bangalore, India. I am a diverse, clinical, methodical, purist and I aim to be a connoisseur in multiple fields (Technical and Non-Technical). My hobbies range from Blogging, Watching 90s Wrestling, Reading, Gaming to being a critic in various fields.

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