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Entries for 2008

PageRank of 2/10 after 2 months of blogging

I was absolutely delighted when I logged into blogger today and found out my blog’s PageRank had increased from 0/10 to 2/10 overnight. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Only yesterday I had modified my blog by deleting some of the older posts and also a lot of PTC ads. I did’nt realise that would make [...]

Adsense Vs Bidvertiser (Pros and Cons)

This post is entirly focussed on the pros and cons of Bidvertiser and Adsense.Bidvertiser – Ad Templates can be customised, their background colors can be changed. Many template types to choose from. Ad text colors/fonts can be changed.There is a template called “Free Type” where you can even edit the size of template. This is [...]

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