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Entries for November, 2008

Download Free eBooks

You can now download ebooks from my website. I have included a few Sci-Fi ebooks by Arthur C Clarke, Larry Niven etc. Feel free to download from the ebooks section.

Best Anti-Virus Software – My Review

Majority agree that Norton is the best anti-virus program. Well, maybe. It does scan deeply and removes most malicious programs. However, it slows down your computer to a crawl and also the system takes ages to boot up. It also interferes with a lot of other programs which are normally non-malicious. Therefore, I prefer AVG [...]

Backlinks for Free

This post is dedicated for bloggers who are new and who would like to improve traffic and Page Rank. Anyone interested in linking can leave their URLs here and I’ll link them back.I’ll post their URLs here. Also below are a few sites where you can register for traffic improvement and traffic exchange for free.
Link [...]

Bidvertiser Tips, Tricks and Questions

I started using Bidvertiser for posting ads on my blog site two weeks ago. (For some reason that I cannot guess I was banned by Adsense) Its a good alternative to Adsense. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using Bidvertiser. I have some tips as well as a few unanswered questions about how to [...]

Imperium Romanum Expansion – My Review

Well the expansion for Imperium Romanum was released recently. In my opinion its not very dissimilar to its predecessor. The gameplay and objectives are very similar. Except that now we have four campaigns to choose from where as earlier there was the Timeline campaign and the Rome campaign in addition to half a dozen [...]