Bidvertiser Tips, Tricks and Questions

I started using Bidvertiser for posting ads on my blog site two weeks ago. (For some reason that I cannot guess I was banned by Adsense) Its a good alternative to Adsense. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using Bidvertiser. I have some tips as well as a few unanswered questions about how to post ads with Bidvertiser. There are a few things I read on other sites and some of the tips worked and some didn’t. Also I have added a few tips of my own. Basically these are the points I would like to discuss and please leave your comments so that it would help us…

  • First of all there is no control over what kind of ads appear on your site unlike with Adsense where the ads appear according to content. Here the ads are random.
  • But you have the option to choose the type of ads you like and reject the type of ads which you wouldn’t want to appear on your site. And you are paid according to the amount of bids placed on ads which means you can earn as much as $0.5 and as low as $0.05 for each click.
  • I selected the Vertical Skyscraper template which shows 5 ads vertically. At first five unique ads appeared for a few hours. Then all of a sudden just one ad appeared 5 times one below the other which went by the title “Your ad here for free”. This changed after a few minutes and two to three unique ads started appearing again but the “Your ad here for free” appeared regularly which was very annoying.
  • Now according to Bidvertiser rules if a user clicks on the same ad twice in succession it doesn’t count as a valid click. And with the same ad repeating 5 times with the Skyscraper template we will not be paid if a user clicks more than once on the same ad appearing at two different locations which is annoying again.
  • With that in mind I started experimenting by rejecting all ads with low bids starting from ads that pay $0.05 to $0.18 and by approving only the high paying ads. But i stuck on to the same template and this is what happened. The more ads i rejected the less unique were the ads that appeared. They got more repetitive and eventually only the “Your ad here for free” appeared over and over again.
  • Now I tried different templates at different pages. I found out that if we use the same type of template on two different pages the same ads would appear on both pages using similar templates. And the more you reject low paying ads the less unique the ads become.
  • Its better to avoid the Skyscraper template if don’t want your pages to look ugly with 5 ads of “Your ad here for free”. I also found out some important things relating to site traffic but i may be wrong there. Anyway this is what I think happens…
  • Sites having high traffic get the ads with high bids and therefore those site owners can afford to reject low paying ads. They don’t have to fear about repetitive ads. Now if you’re just starting a new website or a blog you wont have much traffic to play with like in my case. So for people like us its better to NOT reject ads at all till our traffic improves. And its better to use different templates at different pages.
  • Surprisingly there could be a problem for high traffic site owners too. Since two clicks on the same ad in succession doesn’t count as a valid click even if two different users were to click on the same ad at the same time the site owner wouldn’t get paid a dime!
  • With all these disadvantages one good thing is you can modify the appearance of your ads to suit the appearance of your web pages and there is no limit to the number of ads you can post with Bidvertiser. But stick to only a few ads if your site has low traffic else you’ll only see “Your ad here for free”.
  • And there is something new but which hasn’t worked in my case. There is an option for your ads to appear at the foot of your feed posts. I have tried doing that with various codes and settings available. I have also pinged but no ads have ever appeared under my feeds. If it has worked for any of you please let me know….
  • Thats all I have to say. Please post your comments and your experience. I’ll be glad to improve my earnings and I hope that some of my tips were useful and correct….

Posted by Satish Iyer

14 thoughts on “Bidvertiser Tips, Tricks and Questions

  1. sorry to hear your adsense account got banned… I got my bidvertiser payment today. I have been using it for the past one year and reached the payout only last month.. Its pretty slow.. goodluck for you

  2. I have reached Bidvertiser payout and currently I have a balance of $12 in my account. I am awaiting my payment but they haven’t sent me any mails yet.

  3. I have the same destiny — Google Adsense account was banned, twice! I will definitely support alternatives to Google Adsense. I will give it a try.

  4. I have the same problem with bidvertiser. It is far from adsense. I use it in my blog and earn less than 1 dollar in over 2 months.

  5. Atleast Bidvertiser is a good alternative if Adsense has banned us. As your blog’s PR and traffic improves the ads will get better and you will earn more from clicks.

  6. Since my adsense account was banned for 3 times,my bidvertiser earning is running slow compared to adsense. !!Anyway,wish you all the best with bidvertiser.

  7. Thanks for the tips about bidvertiser. I can’t get the color of the ads to update like I want, so I sent them a support ticket. Hopefully I will get a response back soon. I haven’t made much with this program, but hopefully I will in the future.

  8. Well thats pretty easy. Once you select “Choose Template” you will get an option to “Customize colors” at the right hand bottom corner.

  9. Hi satish iam also having bitvertiser ads on my blog but i found that some clicks are not counted evenif it is clicked once by even a unique user.

    BTW i m hosting two blogs


    do you know about any CPM ad agency?

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  12. hi i want to use bidvertiser and adsense and infolinks all 3 at a time. can i use it? i get very less from google. $4 or 2months. please give me a suggestion. i write genuine posts and need help from u satish. i am also satish from so please help me buddy.

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