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This post is dedicated for bloggers who are new and who would like to improve traffic and Page Rank. Anyone interested in linking can leave their URLs here and I’ll link them back.I’ll post their URLs here.
Here backlinks are available for free after registration.
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You can ping yahoo manually by visiting the following URL via your browser:[THE URL OF YOUR FEED]

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12 thoughts on “Backlinks for Free

  1. Hi Satish, I’ve added your blog on my “Blogs I’m following”. btw, your post has been very useful, as believe it or not, i’m still learning how to get a high page ranking! lol

  2. Thanks for the article – link up – – your blog is all right, post good tips and you’ll be at the top!

  3. Nice blog! I’ll definitely link you. Can you also do that for me?


  4. Thanks for adding your comment to my CommentingForLinks widget! I've learned more about the importance of back linking & high page ranking, today, from viewing your site & reading your tips.

  5. hi ..this post is awesome and useful to me thanks a lot..i'll follow your tips..

    Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

  6. hi i browsed your blog and it is very good.if you want exchange link with my blog then this my blog data

    url :
    alexa rank : 400,000
    daily page views : 2000
    daily unique visitors about : 350
    indexed pages in google: 1400 page

    i will be happy to put you blog in my bloggroll.
    if you are interested contact me.

  7. Hi Satish,
    Great post – very helpful for a new blogger like me – visit my site sometime Destination Reviews and Information I would welcome your comments.. Tony

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