Adsense Vs Bidvertiser (Pros and Cons)

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This post is entirly focussed on the pros and cons of Bidvertiser and Adsense.
Bidvertiser – Ad Templates can be customised, their background colors can be changed. Many template types to choose from. Ad text colors/fonts can be changed.There is a template called “Free Type” where you can even edit the size of template. This is a big bonus as ads can be made to appear like they are part of your site.
Adsense – Customization is limited or almost NILL. Ads appear very UGLY at times.

Bidvertiser – You can CHOOSE what ads you want and REJECT the low bid ads.
Warning: If you reject low bid ads on sites with low traffic and PR you will only get one big ugly ad which says “Your ad here for free”.
Adsense – N/A

Bidvertiser – Payout limit is $10 and payment through Paypal.
Adsense – Payout limit is $100 through cheque.(Time factor is too high).

Bidvertiser – Ads dont appear according to your site content. Ads appear according to the category you choose from which cannot be changed later without special permission.
Adsense – Ads appear according to your site content.

Bidvertiser – Ad clicks are paid according to the bids the ads are worth. This is the most annoying part -> ONLY low bid ads appear on sites/blogs with low PR and traffic hence you can earn only peanuts if your traffic is low and vice-versa.
Adsense – All ads are worth the same as far as I know.

Bidvertiser – Not that Strict.
Adsense – Too damningly strict(I was banned!)

For a complete tutorial on bidvertiser ads goto

Pls respond as to what you prefer….

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3 thoughts on “Adsense Vs Bidvertiser (Pros and Cons)

  1. I believe from my experience that both arent the most apropriet methods on monetizing your blog.

    Bidvertiser is a very week add publishin provider and lacks on many aspects,

    being banned from adsens is bad but not the end of the world, Adsense blogs provide very few original and good content has they’re mainly made with the sole porpose of fetching adsense clicks.

    The best ways to monetize your blog is trough affiliation programs and or blog specific add publishing programs, you should do a google search on that,

    Cheers from myLot new friend

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