Backlinks at last!

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I have been working the last two months on getting backlinks to my site and improving my PR and finally I am getting a few rewards. I logged in to Google Webmaster to find out and currently it shows 66 External Links(Backlniks) and 92 Internal links. I prefer Webmaster to Alexa as Alexa takes a lifetime to update its Index. Alexa has not even updated my site’s thumbnail view when I switched to classic template two months ago! And it doesnt have a Ping option either. I dont trust the traffic rank shown by Alexa either. I prefer Google’s PR Toolbar. I dont know how many Backlinks it takes to reach a PR of 1 but I’ll get there soon I hope. In the mean time anyone interested in link exchange with me can leave their URLs by commenting. I’ll comment back and add your URL to my “Backlinks for Free” post if you will do the same for my blog URL on one of your posts.

Important: When you comment make sure you dont use Google/Blogger ID but instead use the “Name/URL” option as it helps you get a backlink.

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4 thoughts on “Backlinks at last!

  1. Hi satish,

    I think that’s a great idea. Let’s exchange links, since I do know you checked out my blog before. Btw, in reply to your comment on my blog, I’m also a member of Depacco and Eurotrademails. They have posted payment proofs, but I have yet to reach payout. Did you upgrade on any of those sites?

  2. No buddy I haven’t upgraded Depacco or Eurotrademails. And sure, I’ll be happy to exchange links.

  3. I have not heard of those 3 sites –, and So, am not very sure if they’re scams. Are the payouts very difficult to reach as well? I recall reading on some blogs that Depacco is a scam site. Seems like that person did not get to cash out even though he/she has exceeded the payout limit. Sigh…

  4. Alexa is a very important benchmark to determine the rankings and traffic of sites. Google is placed at the 2nd position as per Alexa rankings and traffic rankings and is facing tough competition from and of course Yahoo.

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