Blogger and FTP hosting

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I have finally decided to move my blog to an external FTP server. Therefore I would be publishing my blog under my new domain when i have modified it. Its useful in many ways to publish blogs to an external ftp server as we can upload data as well. I had decided a month ago that I would be moving my blog to a new domain. This would be like having two sites in one. I would be able to blog as well as use it like a regular website! And I can easily switch back to blogspot hosting if this doesn’t work.
It is fairly easy to move a blog to a new domain. I registered my domain at hyperphp which offered me unlimited web space and a disk space of 350 Mb for free. I had to then switch my blog template to a classic template because we can only publish blogs using a classic template on a new domain. Another advantage is I can upload the sitemap of my blog externally and update it every now and then which is possible with blogspot hosting. And I also feel the traffic will improve by publishing on an external domain as I can upload data to my blog and attract users. For a start I will be uploading a few Sci-Fi ebooks. And I’ll post my experience of using an external domain shortly……..

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