Mylot – Highly recommended for bloggers

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I recently registered for mylot. Its a great site where you can make money by just responding to discussions or by starting your own discussion. You are paid on daily basis. Payment is made through Paypal. I guess mylot is better than PayPerPost which rejected my blog 4 times! Anyone interested in registering for mylot can click here.

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6 thoughts on “Mylot – Highly recommended for bloggers

  1. I’m member my lot too. I enjoy on there, I can improve my English Language and get extra money too :) :)

  2. Hi i am also member of my lot akangirl.Surely its the best site. I am also a friend of srikandi. I am from india and i also have 2 active blogs now. I liked your blog’s template

  3. Hi satish, thanks for dropping by my blog, I have publish a list of scam sites on my latest post. Do check it out.

  4. MyLot is a very good way to generate traffic to your blog has people share the same interests on the subject,

    you should also try and build a profile page at yuwei. a social network that also pays, it’s like mylot meets facebook,

    very good potential traffic overthere,

    I reached this blog trough myLot, do you know who I am?

    Cheers, happy New Year

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