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Checking usage for BSNL broadband(India)
October 31, 2008
BSNL didnt provide me a proper link to check my usage. However one of my friends gave me a useful link where we can check and track the amount of data uploaded/downloaded on everyday basis. All BSNL users can make a note of this link to check usage:

Login with the username and password provided by BSNL at the time of installation to check usage. Also note that this link works only on Internet Explorer and not on Mozilla Firefox. Pls bookmark this link.



posted by Satish Iyer @ Friday, October 31, 2008   0 comments
BSNL Broadband Users - Port Forwarding for Limewire
I have been using BSNL Broadband for 3 years now. I want to share my experience and provide some useful tips as well. Currently i have the Rs 500 per month plan which offers a bandwidth range of 256 kbps to 2 mbps. And if we use the default IP address the speed doesnt go beyond 50 KB/s. I usually use Limewire and Bitcomet client applications for downloading purposes. As of late I've stopped using Bitcomet altogether since Limewire has come up with an option to download torrents too. These are the steps I followed and you can follow to increase download speed for Limewire/Bitcomet:
  • Do not use default IP address
  • Set up a static IP address.
  • Go to the router page by typing the url
  • Enter username and password as admin.
  • Click on "Virtual Server"under "Advanced" on the router page.
  • Type the name of the application in the box. (Limewire or Bitcomet or any other name)
  • Type the static IP address in the box below.
  • Select protocol type as TCP.
  • Now type the port number that you would like to forward.
  • Port number 6882 is recomended for Bitcomet and for Limewire any other number below 61000.
  • Click "Apply" and restart the router.
Now you need to configure the port settings for Limewire/Bitcomet
  • Open Limewire and goto Tools->Options->Advaced->Firewall Config.
  • Check the radio button "Manual Port forward" and type the port number that you typed into the settings on router page.
  • Type the same number on "Listen on port" option.
  • Save and restart Limewire.
You will see a big difference now. The download speed will improve and the firewall will be off for Limewire since that port is forwarded. You can follow similar steps for Bitcomet.

Posted by Satish Iyer


posted by Satish Iyer @ Friday, October 31, 2008   0 comments
Steps to remove the virus Khatarnak.exe

This virus uses a file name that is a name of a legitimate windows process so its necessary to locate this file(s) using Process Explorer. Also note the path and file name of all files detected as WORM_AUTORUN.ACO. If the process you are looking for is not in the list displayed by Process Explorer, proceed to the succeeding solution set.

  1. Download Process Explorer.
  2. Extract the contents of the compressed (ZIP) file to a location of your choice.
  3. Execute Process Explorer by double-clicking PROCEXP.EXE.
  4. In the Process Explorer window, locate the malware file(s) detected earlier.
  5. Right-click on the detected files, then click Kill Process Tree.
  6. Do the same for all detected malware files in the list of running processes.
  7. Close Process Explorer.

If the process you are looking for is not in the list displayed by Task Manager or Process Explorer, continue with the next solution procedure. If the malware process is in the list displayed by either Task Manager or Process Explorer, but you are unable to terminate it, restart your computer in safe mode.

Removing/Restoring Autostart Entries from the Registry

This solution deletes/modifies registry keys/entries added/modified by this malware. Before performing the steps below, make sure you know how to back up the registry and how to restore it if a problem occurs.

  1. Open Registry Editor. Click Start>Run, type REGEDIT, then press Enter.
  2. In the left panel, double-click the following:
  3. In the right panel, locate the entry:
    Shell = "Explorer.exe KHATARNAK.exe"
  4. Right-click on the value name and choose Modify. Change the value data of this entry to:
  5. In the left panel, double-click the following:
  6. In the right panel, locate and delete the entry:
    KHATARNAK Loader = "%System%\KHATARNAK.exe"
    (Note: %System% is the Windows system folder, which is usually C:\Windows\System on Windows 98 and ME, C:\WINNT\System32 on Windows NT and 2000, or C:\Windows\System32 on Windows XP and Server 2003.)

Removing Other Added Entries from the Registry

  1. Still in Registry Editor, in the left panel, double-click the following:
  2. In the right panel, locate and delete the following:
    DisableTaskMgr = "1"
  3. In the left panel, double-click the following:
  4. In the right panel, locate and delete the following:
    NofolderOptions = "1"
  5. Close Registry Editor.


posted by Satish Iyer @ Friday, October 31, 2008   4 comments
The most brutal WWE match ever
October 27, 2008
Well I have been watching wrestling for 15 years now. Although WWE is scripted and the results are made by script writers i still like the action in the ring. I want to share some of the greatest and most brutal matches I've seen:

  • WWE King of the Ring 1998 - The Undertaker vs Mankind(Hell in a Cell)
No one would forget the moment when Mankind was thrown from the top of the 15 feet high cell onto the floor. The match was stopped for 5 minutes after Mankind's fall. But he managed to recover and get on top of the cell again only to be choke-slammed by the Undertaker through the cell roof onto the mat below. The resilient Mankind fought bravely until he was choke-slammed on top of hundreds of thumb tacks, then a tombstone pile driver finished him off. The Undertaker was dominant throughout and won.
  • WWE Armageddon 2000 - 6 Man Hell in a Cell match for WWE Title.
Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker, The Rock, Rikishi and Kurt Angle battled inside Hell in a Cell which according to me is the most brutal match in WWE. Superstars battled everywhere, from the top of the cell to the parking lot to the ring side area. During the match Undertaker choke-slammed Rikishi from the top of the cell onto the truck below. After a lot of twists and turns Kurt Angle won.
  • WWE Survivor Series 2002 - WWE Title match inside Elimination Chamber
First ever Elimination Chamber match which turned out to be more brutal than Hell in a Cell. Six superstars battled inside it - Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and Booker T. Michaels eventually won.
  • WWE Bad Blood 1997 - The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels(Hell in a Cell)
First ever Hell in a Cell match. Michaels was in for a severe beating at the hands of Undertaker who in those days was just so strong physically and almost unbeatable.Almost till the last moment Michaels received a lot of punishment who in those days(before his 4 year absence) was extremely resilient and athletic. Battle spilled to outside the cell. Michaels eventually won after the shocking debut and outside interference of Kane.
  • WWE No Mercy 2002 - The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar(Hell in a Cell)
A brutal and bloody match. Never seen Undertaker bleed so much in a match before though he was not a 100% due to a fractured right hand. He was lying bloody and motionless after the match and had to take time-off for injury for 2 months. Brock Lesnar was THE most dominant superstar in WWE at that time until a contract dispute made him leave WWE forever.
  • WWE Fully Loaded 1999 - The Undertaker vs Stone Cold(First Blood match)
When Undertaker and Stone Cold battle its always exciting. Both men bled profusively during and after the match filled with lot of action and interference from Triple H, Shane and Vince McMahon and The Rock. Stone Cold won even though he bled first but the referee failed to notice it.( as a part of the script)
  • WWE Summerslam 2002 - Triple H vs Shawn Michaels(Non-sanctioned Street Fight)
One of the best matches I've seen. Every weapon that was available was used, tables, ladder, chairs, sledge hammer. Michaels took a hell of a beating. Was his return match after 4 years of absence and he won after a superkick knocked out Triple H.


posted by Satish Iyer @ Monday, October 27, 2008   0 comments
New Chat Site
I came across a new Chat Site called Punk Chat Room. Its mainly a site for punkers. The registration is absolutely free. All you need to give out is your email address. After registration you just need to click on the confirmation link sent to your mail.You don't actually need to install any separate messengers on your computer. It works similar to gmail chat. Only much cooler. You can see a list of available chat rooms available.Some of them are called Punk Chat, Vampire Chat, Goth Chat, Online chat etc. There are also many options to edit your profile. You can add photos(along with an Avatar) and share your hobbies and interests. There is also an Ethnicity option As soon as you login the very first option is to allow/deny your web cam access. If you select allow others can see your web cam but it doesn't prevent you from seeing theirs even if you select deny.Now coming to chatting! You can see the list of users who are online. All you need to do is just click on their pic and select one of the options which include viewing their web cam, viewing their profile and the private message option. You can add a user to the list of your favorites. And conversely you can block users who annoy you. Not only that you can vote to "kick the user" off the chat if he/she really annoys you.On the main screen you can send a general message to all which is similar to Yahoo Messenger.You can enable/disable audio as well. You can also select whom you want to view that is either only males or females! Finally there is an option to contact support if you have any questions.
posted by Satish Iyer @ Monday, October 27, 2008   0 comments
An Interview with Sherlock Holmes
October 25, 2008
This is a small story i wrote when i was at school. Its a one on one session in front of an audience between the greatest fictional detective of all time Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr Watson....

Watson: Ladies and gentlemen it gives me an immense pleasure to introduce to you the greatest and the most complete detective of all time. Holmes, I am very obliged to have you here for an exclusive interview in front of the audience.

Holmes: You know very well Watson that i shun publicity. I should be more obliged to you for publicizing my cases and perhaps thats the reason why we are here today. Anyway, now that I've professionally retired I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Watson: First of all, tell us how and when did your career start as a crime solving expert. Even though you were good at boxing, acting and playing the violin you chose crime solving for your bread and cheese. Why?

Holmes: To tell you what i told you the day i gave you the details of my first case, "The Gloria Scott", observation and deduction were mere hobbies to me just like boxing or playing the violin. To make a long story short it all started when my friend and college mate Victor Trevor invited me over for a vacation in Norfolk. There I met his father who became very interested in my hobbies and asked me to deduce anything that i could by just observing him. At that point i didn't realize that this would turn out to be my first case. Well you can imagine Watson,after I had deduced everything i could by observing him and explained my deductions to Victor's father, he felt more surprised and awestruck that you were when you presented me your brother's watch and asked me to deduce his character from it. Victor's father claimed that all detectives would be children as compared to me and from that day till I left Norfolk I saw suspicion and awe in Mr Trevor's eyes. Anyway, shortly after i returned from my vacation to my rooms in London I received a telegram from Victor asking me to come over immediately to Norfolk since some terrible tragedy had occurred to his family and Victor was convinced i would be able to get to the bottom of the mystery. That eventually turned out to be my first case.

Watson: Although I have had the honor of witnessing your methods and I have tried to apply them on occasions I was not able to succeed. Give us an account of your methods and tell us what it is that is important to a crime student?

Holmes: My dear Watson, I have always believed that the science of observation and deduction should be treated as a separate field. In most of your narrations of my cases you have failed to mention how i actually arrived to a particular conclusion based on the chain of events from cause to effect.
I have trained myself to observe the minutest detail which an ordinary person may neglect. For eg at a glance, on meeting a fellow mortal, I can distinguish the history of that person, the trade of his profession etc. I also possess some outside knowledge which turns out to be vital in many situations. I have written several monographs upon many subjects, one of them about identifying from tobacco ash the brand of tobacco. I can currently identify 140 types of tobacco-ash. So, for a good detective knowledge is very important.
Secondly, he should be possess the power of deduction. He should be able to analyze and reason backwards. In most of my cases Watson, the result is placed right before our eyes and we only need to find out the long chain of consequences by reasoning backwards. One capital mistake commonplace detectives make is they try to twist the facts to match their theories instead of the other way round. It is inarticulate for a reasoner to form any theory before having data. And in situations where there is too much evidence I've always applied my rule: "When you remove everything impossible, whatever remains however improbable is the truth". So in a nutshell what a good detective needs is a trained eye, the power of observation and deduction and knowledge.

Watson: From a personal point of view which was your most satisfying case?

Holmes: Well Watson, you know that I've had many cases which involved some of the royal and wealtiest families of Europe and you have also heard me mention that the most interesting and unique cases are found to occur to the common man. Its those cases that are out of the ordinary that have attracted me more than the royal familes of Europe. And, my most satisfying moment was when i eliminated Prof James Moriarty, the backbone of criminals in London.

Watson: Well, now that you have retired what have you intended to do?

Holmes: I think Watson i have told more than once that I'll be working on a book which will cover most of the details regarding the science of observation and detection and the requisites of an aspiring detective.

Watson: Thank you Holmes for this exclusive interview and for all you have done to the field of crime.

Holmes: Same old Watson........

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Saturday, October 25, 2008   0 comments
The future of N-Gage

I have been using my N-gage qd phone for over 3 years now. I dont think there will be another version of N-gage. I am into gaming so i really enjoyed my N-gage. I have finished almost all N-gage games. Some of my favorite N-gage games include Call of Duty, High Sieze and Pathway to Glory.However, there are going to be no new games for this old N-gage. The games released now are called as next generation N-gage games and they dont work on qd. They are for models like N 82. I only hope that there is a future N-gage model which includes a camera too or atleast they release new games for the qd model.

Posted by Satish Iyer
posted by Satish Iyer @ Saturday, October 25, 2008   0 comments
Death Magnetic - Metallica's latest album
Finally Metallica released an album after 5 years with their latest album Death Magnetic.I was really thrilled that most tracks were old school Heavy Metal. This is a major improvement after the albums like Reload and St Anger. There is no better music than old school 80s Metal and most tracks from this album are just that. As far as i am concerned this is their best album after the Black album(1991). My favorite track from Death Magnetic is "The Judas Kiss" which reminded me of And Justice for All(1988). The leads from the track "Broken, Beat and Scarred" are awesome. Not many old school Metal albums are released these days so i was really thrilled with Death Magnetic!

Posted by Satish Iyer
posted by Satish Iyer @ Saturday, October 25, 2008   0 comments
Limited or No Connectivity
October 21, 2008
This is a walkthrough by me to resolve the issue "Limited or No Connectivity".
You will not be able to connect to internet when you try to connect to internet. If you open network connections window you will find the local area connection status is” limited or no connectivity”. In most of the cases if you try to get the ip address, the ip address will be 169.254.X.X. We call it APIPA. (Automatic Private Ip Address).

This happens, in most case where the computer is unable to get a valid ip address. This can be due to several reasons

1: Winsock or tcp\ip corruption
2: Unable to contact dhcp server
3: Unable to load required services
4: Firewall installed on the computer
5: Power synchronization problems
6: Network adaptor not working properly

So there can be a lot many reasons behind getting “limited or no connectivity” while trying to connect to internet. Since we cannot find the exact cause at the beginning it’s always advisable to move ahead with linear and logical trouble shooting.

Information Gathering:
It’s always better to gather the required information. This will help us to narrow down the issue to a certain extend. Some basic information you have to gather is

1: what type of connection (DSL, cable or dial up) ?
2: whether having sp2 installed ?
3: whether having any third party firewall or antivirus software ?
4: whether using a router ?
5: basic information about your computer ?

Basic Troubleshooting:
First go for the basic trouble shooting steps. By performing this we can create a work around for the issue depending on the type. Use the following steps to perform the basic trouble shooting steps

1: Open control panel > open network connection > right click on local area connection>click on properties>un check the option “notify me when there is limited or no connectivity”. After doing this go ahead and check with internet explorer

2: click on start>click on run>type in cmd and hit ok> it will take us to command prompt>in command prompt type in ipconfig and hit enter. The ip address you will be getting is
Ipaddress : 169.254.X.X
Subnet mask :
Default gateway:

Trouble shooting:

1: At the command prompt type in ipconfig /release and hit enter. It will give you an ipaddress

2: type in ipconfig /renew and hit enter.. Here if you are getting a valid ip address then try connecting to internet probably you will be able to connect. And you can get error message also. Some of them are

. An error occurred while renewing ip address, unable to contact dhcp server
. An error occurred while renewing ip address, unable to find the file specified
. An error occurred while renewing ip address, unable to load services
. An error occurred while renewing ip address, socket corruption

Irrespective of error we can follow the following steps. If we are getting an error message “unable to contact dhcp server” try the steps in part 2 also.

3: reset Winsock and tcp\ip. For that if you are having sp2 installed in your computer follow these steps

At the command prompt type in netsh winsock reset and hit enter. Then it will ask to restart the computer. After restarting get into the command prompt once again and type in netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt. After this open internet explorer and check we are able to connect to internet.

If sp2 is not installed in your computer follow the article 811259 to reset winsock and TCP/IP
If still we are not able to connect to internet follow the next step

4: do a power cycle. Turn off the computer first . Unplug the power code of the computer>> after that if router is there un plug the cable which comes from the router to the computer>> unplug the power code of router>>unplug the cable comes from the modem to the router>>unplug the power code of modem>>unplug the cable comes from the telephone jack to the modem. If router is not there do the same steps except that for router. Keep every thing as such for 5- 10 mins.

Reconnect every thing back in the reverse order in which we disconnected it. If we have any reset button or reset pin on either router or modem press it for 10secs

After that reboot the computer and check whether we are able to connect. If it’s still not connecting go for the next step

5: Check whether computer is having any third party fire wall. Disable all or if possible Uninstall that firewall and check whether we are able to connect to internet.

6: Restart DHCP client, DNS client, Server and Workstation services

7: Reinstall network adaptor. For that open device manager expand the network adaptor option and right click on Ethernet card and uninstall. After that restart the computer, in usual cases it will automatically detected by windows. If not install it from the cd.

While following all these steps try to renew the ipaddress in between.

Even after following these steps you are getting apipa try to do a conference with isp probably they can assign an ipaddress. Or else you can go for advanced trouble shooting


Advanced trouble shooting: These steps may resolve the issue since this is applicable for only specific issues.

Open network connection. Right click on locale area connection and disable it. Then disconnect
the cable that connects the modem to the Ethernet card and unplug the power cable of modem for 30 seconds. If reset button available press it for 5 seconds. Then reconnects the power and connect the cable back to the Ethernet card. Then enable local area connection. Some times this will help to acquire the ip address.

Open network connection. Right click on local area connection click on properties. Once properties window is up click on select TCP/IP and click on properties. Under that select the option set ip address manually. Then set an ip address and click apply. After that restart the computer and go ahead and set it back to automatically assign the ip address. This might help to acquire a valid ip address.

Reinstall network adaptor and try to renew the ip address.

Open device manager and right click on the network adaptor click on properties. Under properties go to the advanced tab. Under that select speed and duplex and on the right side select the dropdown menu and fix 10 half or 10mbps half. Click apply and ok. Then restart the computer. Try by setting it to auto detect also.

Try system restore if applicable

Open registry editor go to HKLM>SYSTEM> CURRENT CONTROL SET>SERVICES>DHCP. On the right hand side of the screen the value data of depend on service should be Tcpip Afd NetBT. And it should be in the same order. Other wise make it in same order.

Go to recovery console extract wsock32.dll andwshtcpip.dll from the cd and put it under system32 folder.

Click on start >run and type in” wmic call process create (type in the path of the service with the exe file related to it)” . to get that path go to services.msc and open the dhcp service and copy the content under path to executable and paste it in the command with out “ and (.

Try repair install and clean install.

Compiled and Posted by Satish Iyer

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, October 21, 2008   0 comments
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