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November 23, 2008
I have uploaded a few of my ebooks on my FTP server. You can download Science Fiction eBooks for free below:
  • Off on a Comet - Jules Verne
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne
posted by Satish Iyer @ Sunday, November 23, 2008   2 comments
Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite
November 16, 2008
Well if you are looking for a complete anti-virus/internet security program Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 7 is the best. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7 now includes the award-winning Kaspersky antivirus and MailFrontier antispam. It doesn't conflict with other security applications as with Norton. It doesn't consume as much system resources as Norton or AVG. It provides a perfect balance between ease of use and best of breed security. What I've liked about Zone Alarm from the moment I started using it is that you can configure internet access for each program running on your system. Which means you can grant and block internet access for each program. Now with Kaspersky anti-virus built in the protection is doubled and we can get rid of Norton or other anti-virus programs altogether. Its an anti-virus, anti-spyware and internet security all built into one!
Get the trial version here.
posted by Satish Iyer @ Sunday, November 16, 2008   0 comments
Best Anti-Virus Software - My Review
Majority agree that Norton is the best anti-virus program. Well, maybe. It does scan deeply and removes most malicious programs. However, it slows down your computer to a crawl and also the system takes ages to boot up. It also interferes with a lot of other programs which are normally non-malicious. Therefore, I prefer AVG anti-virus. The scan time for AVG is almost same as Norton but it doesn't slow down your computer as much as Norton. And the free edition is as good as the paid version. But it doesn't have all the features of Norton. And the computer boots up faster with AVG installed compared to Norton. I prefer AVG anyday......
posted by Satish Iyer @ Sunday, November 16, 2008   2 comments
Backlinks for Free
November 13, 2008
This post is dedicated for bloggers who are new and who would like to improve traffic and Page Rank. Anyone interested in linking can leave their URLs here and I'll link them back.I'll post their URLs here. Also below are a few sites where you can register for traffic improvement and traffic exchange for free.
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I am posting a list of sites which provide free backlinks.
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posted by Satish Iyer @ Thursday, November 13, 2008   10 comments
Bidvertiser Tips, Tricks and Questions
November 12, 2008
I started using Bidvertiser for posting ads on my blog site two weeks ago. (For some reason that I cannot guess I was banned by Adsense) Its a good alternative to Adsense. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using Bidvertiser. I have some tips as well as a few unanswered questions about how to post ads with Bidvertiser. There are a few things I read on other sites and some of the tips worked and some didn't. Also I have added a few tips of my own. Basically these are the points I would like to discuss and please leave your comments so that it would help us...
  • First of all there is no control over what kind of ads appear on your site unlike with Adsense where the ads appear according to content. Here the ads are random.
  • But you have the option to choose the type of ads you like and reject the type of ads which you wouldn't want to appear on your site. And you are paid according to the amount of bids placed on ads which means you can earn as much as $0.5 and as low as $0.05 for each click.
  • I selected the Vertical Skyscraper template which shows 5 ads vertically. At first five unique ads appeared for a few hours. Then all of a sudden just one ad appeared 5 times one below the other which went by the title "Your ad here for free". This changed after a few minutes and two to three unique ads started appearing again but the "Your ad here for free" appeared regularly which was very annoying.
  • Now according to Bidvertiser rules if a user clicks on the same ad twice in succession it doesn't count as a valid click. And with the same ad repeating 5 times with the Skyscraper template we will not be paid if a user clicks more than once on the same ad appearing at two different locations which is annoying again.
  • With that in mind I started experimenting by rejecting all ads with low bids starting from ads that pay $0.05 to $0.18 and by approving only the high paying ads. But i stuck on to the same template and this is what happened. The more ads i rejected the less unique were the ads that appeared. They got more repetitive and eventually only the "Your ad here for free" appeared over and over again.
  • Now I tried different templates at different pages. I found out that if we use the same type of template on two different pages the same ads would appear on both pages using similar templates. And the more you reject low paying ads the less unique the ads become.
  • Its better to avoid the Skyscraper template if don't want your pages to look ugly with 5 ads of "Your ad here for free". I also found out some important things relating to site traffic but i may be wrong there. Anyway this is what I think happens...
  • Sites having high traffic get the ads with high bids and therefore those site owners can afford to reject low paying ads. They don't have to fear about repetitive ads. Now if you're just starting a new website or a blog you wont have much traffic to play with like in my case. So for people like us its better to NOT reject ads at all till our traffic improves. And its better to use different templates at different pages.
  • Surprisingly there could be a problem for high traffic site owners too. Since two clicks on the same ad in succession doesn't count as a valid click even if two different users were to click on the same ad at the same time the site owner wouldn't get paid a dime!
  • With all these disadvantages one good thing is you can modify the appearance of your ads to suit the appearance of your web pages and there is no limit to the number of ads you can post with Bidvertiser. But stick to only a few ads if your site has low traffic else you'll only see "Your ad here for free".
  • And there is something new but which hasn't worked in my case. There is an option for your ads to appear at the foot of your feed posts. I have tried doing that with various codes and settings available. I have also pinged but no ads have ever appeared under my feeds. If it has worked for any of you please let me know....
  • Thats all I have to say. Please post your comments and your experience. I'll be glad to improve my earnings and I hope that some of my tips were useful and correct....
Posted by Satish Iyer

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Wednesday, November 12, 2008   11 comments
Imperium Romanum Expansion - My Review
November 11, 2008
Well the expansion for Imperium Romanum was released recently. In my opinion its not very dissimilar to its predecessor. The gameplay and objectives are very similar. Except that now we have four campaigns to choose from where as earlier there was the Timeline campaign and the Rome campaign in addition to half a dozen meaningless scenarios. Though the missions have a sort of historical flow and progress in terms of their difficulty, you're free to play any mission from any campaign any time you like.
These campaigns have you building up the Roman presence in Britain, Germany and Africa, using the same type of gameplay found in the original game. Starting with a basic forum, you'll need to build houses, agriculture, industry and a large enough military force to protect it all. However here's somethin new. While upgrading the forum you can choose a God just like in Zeus or Poseidon. Vulcan, for e.g., will help your prefects extinguish fires more quickly, and Mercury will increase the walking speed of your slaves. You can even make a series of progressive offerings to your God to obtain several more abilities, like Mars's ability to increase the size of your regiments, or Saturn's ability to improve the efficiency of your agricultural industries. Here the game reminds me of Emperor.
On the war front the game is very similar to the original with the same limited troops to choose from. The only challenging mission is the Caesar's Civil war. But the absence of units like Catapults, Battering rams, Stone throwers etc make it less interesting. The expansion isn't much of an improvement in my case but still if you are a fan of IR like me then its worth it!

For a complete Walkthrough click here.

To Download patch for this game click here.

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, November 11, 2008   4 comments
BSNL Broadband Users - Port Forwarding for Bitcomet
Now i'll give a walkthrough on how to manually perform port forwarding for Bitcomet for users who have BSNL broadband in India. These are the steps I followed and you can follow to increase download speed for Bitcomet:
  • Do not use default IP address
  • Set up a static IP address.
  • Go to the router page by typing the url
  • Enter username and password as admin.
  • Click on "Virtual Server"under "Advanced" on the router page.
  • Type the name of the application in the box. (Limewire or Bitcomet or any other name)
  • Type the static IP address in the box below.
  • Select protocol type as "Both".
  • Now type the port number that you would like to forward.
  • Port number 6882 is recomended for Bitcomet but you can choose any port you like.
  • Click "Apply" and restart the router.
Now you need to configure the port settings for Bitcomet
  • Start Bitcomet.
  • Goto Options->Preferences.
  • Under preferences select Connection.
  • Set download and upload limits to "no limit".
  • Under "Listen on port" type the same port number as the one you typed while on the router page.
  • Click "Ok" and close the screen.
  • Next goto "Advanced" and select "Connection".
  • Uncheck the box which says "Enable uPnP".
  • Click "ok" and you are all set.
  • Restart Bitcomet and if the settings worked you should see a green button at the right hand bottom corner of Bitcomet screen. It will show you your IP Address.


posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, November 11, 2008   0 comments
Imperium Romanum - Patch and Fixes
The Euro patch 1.03 for Imperiun Romanum seems to fix a few issues.
  • The game resolution can be changed from 1024 x 768.
  • There is a new scenario added.
  • The game speed can be changed to 5 times normal speed.
  • Crashes reduced.
Get the patch from here.

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, November 11, 2008   0 comments
Imperium Romanum - Walkthrough
November 4, 2008
Hi all. Since there is no tutorial for this game and since I’ve almost completed this game I’ve prepared a comprehensive walkthrough/tutorial for people who are not familiar with strategy games and who would like to try Imperium Romanum.Imperium Romanum is a game similar to Emperor - The Rise of Middle Kingdom. This is mainly a city-building game, pure and simple. While there are three single-player modes, each one essentially boils down to laying out buildings and resources in your chosen pattern, and attempting to resolve the need for wealth and expansion while keeping your citizens happy and safe. It's a balancing act right away though, with even the tiniest decisions bringing about consequences further down the line. I finally had the chance to revisit the glory of Rome through the eyes of Imperium Romanum. If you're at all interested in Roman history, or indeed just want to give the strategy genre a tryout, you can give this game a try. The Timeline/Campaign mode is quite addictive with unique objectives where as the Scenario mode has no objectives which make it a bit boring. There is a Rome campaign which I still haven’t started yet.
As usual start the game with the tutorial. There are two tutorials with an option to keep playing once you have completed all tablets (objectives). This game is more on building and keeping your people safe than on fighting with your soldiers like in Age of Empires. You don’t have as much control over your people as in Age of Empires. And it takes more time to master the game as it involves satisfying the moods of the people and at the same time you need to defend and conquer territories. It is recommended to play the "No objectives" Scenarios a few times to get a feel of the game, though I started with the Pompeii mission after doing the tutorials.

Let’s begin with the Building Tutorial.
The campaign usually starts with the building called "Forum" and a couple of Wells and an Aqueduct. The Forum (which houses 30 slaves) is a mandatory building for all campaigns and scenarios. It is used to check the number of citizens, the employment status of citizens, number of free jobs etc. Remember if the Forum is destroyed by fire you will lose the scenario.
Start the scenario by building a couple of houses. (Don’t build too many houses immediately without having enough buildings/shops for your citizens to work in as that will cause unemployment issue and poverty among citizens and they can turn rebellious and set buildings on fire)

Slaves: Slaves carry materials from one location to another. They are the key to construction. Shortage of slaves results in poor upkeep of buildings, poor transport of materials and ultimately buildings can catch fire and citizens can become rebellious. So if you are short on slaves build more slave shelters and warehouses.

Next build a Wheat farm and Pig farm (or a Fisherman’s hut which can only be built on a quay). One wheat farm is mandatory along with one of either Pig farm or Fisherman’s hut unless you are supplied with wheat, meat or fish in a scenario.
Next build a Woodcutter’s lodge which is the main source of timber.
Next build a Clay pit which can only be built near an Aqueduct. Don’t forget to build houses as and when new jobs are available. Make sure only women citizens work at farms as they cannot work at Clay pit or anywhere except at Tailor shop, Herbalist and Trade Posts.
Next build a Flax farm which produces Linen for Cloth.
Next build a Stone quarry.
Clay and stone are materials required for Upkeep of buildings. Buildings that do not receive upkeep will catch fire.
Important: Build altars in the vicinity of houses so that citizens can pray. Altars and temples can tell us how many citizens are happy, angry etc. Also remember each building has a “range” or vicinity which can be seen by a circle when you click on a building. Citizens cannot work/visit buildings which are out of range.
Now you need to build a Bakery for bread, a Butcher’s shop for Sausages and a Tailor shop for Cloth. Keep checking if there are unemployed citizens. You can shuffle where you want your citizens to work. For e.g. you can click on them and click “leave work”. When you do so the citizen will quit his current job and automatically fill in other jobs that are available in the vicinity of his house. In a house both adult citizens should be employed only then they can improve their revenues and upgrade their house to the next level. Though there is no use of Olive Oil for citizens’ needs you can sell olive oil at trade post.
Note: You can only sell one item at a time at a Trade Post.
Next build a Vineyard and a Tavern.
Citizens can buy wine, bread, fish and sausages from Tavern. Also you can find out their needs by clicking the “Gossip” option at the Tavern. Make sure their needs are satisfied.
Build Marketplaces wherever required so that citizens have access to cloth, bread, fish and sausages.
If you are running short on money (Denarii) you can sell stuff through trade post. The best materials to sell are Marble and Gold ore. Check your Forum for details regarding Trade routes and cost of materials. (Both land and sea routes)
While constructing buildings if you are short on materials like stone or timber you can use “Rush construction” option to construct it immediately. This will only cost you 100 to 200 Denarii and no materials. This is recommended when you have lot of Denarii. It saves time and materials.
Make sure your Slaves have a Relaxed Schedule else you will pay for the consequences.
In case of heavy slave workload please build more Slave Shelters/Warehouses.
Build a temple or upgrade Forum to next level to gain Temples. Temples require Marble for construction. You cannot use “Rush construction” on monuments/warehouses.

Settlers: settlers are the key to retain population. Settlers replace deceased citizens.
If you are short of settlers build Schools. Settlers also occupy new houses that you build.
Once the houses turn to Villas the scenario will be more challenging. You would need to build Public Baths and Theatres to satisfy citizens’ needs. Such buildings cost Marble. In case you are unable to build marble quarries you should buy marble through trade. Also Villas and monuments need marble for Upkeep. Buildings with poor upkeep will catch fire.

Prefects: Prefects are people who restore law in your city. The prefects will try to put out fire in case any buildings catch fire. Build at least two Prefectures. Prefects will also catch criminals in the city. Citizens who turn rebellious will turn into criminals if they are not satisfied.
Happy citizens will place gifts (Denarii) at altars and temples which will add to your revenue. Citizens will also place Denarii at marketplaces and taverns for items they buy.

Battle Tutorial

First thing to remember is that you don’t need to build Barracks, Stable, Archery etc in scenarios where there are no Barbarians.
You need to first build a Weapon Shop before building Stable and Archery.
You need to first build a Blacksmith before building Stable.
Weapon shops need timber.
Blacksmiths need Iron Ore.

If there are barbarians in a scenario start mining for iron ore immediately or buy it if there are no iron mines. Make sure you have enough timber and iron ore. It’s always good to have one each of barracks, stable and archery. Not more.

Deploying your soldiers:

In order to attack the barbarians you need to deploy your soldiers. When your city is under attack your soldiers will be deployed automatically. However, when you need to eliminate the barbarians and conquer them you need to deploy and move your soldiers near their territory.
Attack with archers first using ‘line’ formation. Move your Knights with ‘flank’ formation and Hastati (from barracks) with ‘block’ formation. You can select “auto attack” and when you do so the soldiers will attack the enemy closest to your city automatically. When your soldiers’ Morale runs low they will be defeated easily. Its best if you attack with all your forces together. To improve morale build monuments like Arch of Triumph in your city. After eliminating the barbarians you won’t need Iron ore anymore so you can start selling it.

That’s it. I hope the tutorial was helpful. Leave your questions and comments if you need more help…..

Posted by Satish Iyer.

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, November 04, 2008   2 comments
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