Effective way of getting your blog indexed

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There is no shortcut to anything in life! The same applies to a new website. Building backlinks, improving Pagerank and popularizing a blog can takes months and even years. However there is a sequence of rules that new webmasters should adhere to.
The first step is to get your blog indexed. Indexing is the process of making the search engines “see” your blog. This is analogous to having your telephone number registered in a Telephone Directory.
How to index a blog?
Open a Webmaster account on Google and Bing. Add your website/blog URL to your webmaster account and register as the owner of your blog. Follow the instructions on how to verify ownership of your blog/website.
Next create a Sitemap for your blog and submit its URL to your respective webmaster accounts. A Sitemap is an XML file containing machine-readable information about your website. Don’t worry about its details yet. Blogger users can ignore this step as a sitemap is automatically generated. WordPress users can use plugins like XML-Sitemap to generate a sitemap. Self hosted websites can create this file manually and upload it on their server through FTP.
Irrespective of the domain the sitemap URL should be submitted to the webmaster account. Your blog/website will be indexed in a few days time.

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