Internal Link – Its true meaning and significance

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Just what are internal links? Well, they are links in your own site pointing to your other pages. You know, like those links in the navigation menus or Archives? They are used for navigation among your pages. But, you should know that internal links can be good for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as well. Think of internal links as similar to backlinks from other websites except they point to other pages in your site. Although the page rank influence from internal links is probably less compared to those of external links, I am sure that they still help in improving PR. And since these links are in your own site, you can do whatever you want with them. As far as your blog is concerned you may want to note these important points about internal links:

  • Each post in your blog has a URL and each of these URLs gives you an internal link.
  • Make sure your blog has an Archive of previous posts which automatically gives you an internal link.
  • Each entry in any side-bars or navigation-bars will give you an internal link.

I also found out something, which is important to all bloggers, about commenting on other blogs. When you comment on other blogs with the “Name/URL” option, each comment gives you an Internal Link and not a Backlink as assumed by many. (I have checked that personally by logging into google webmaster and checking my list of internal links). The definition of Internal Link clearly states that its a link pointing to other pages of your own site or to other pages of another site in the same domain. Since all blogger blogs belong to the same domain which is blogspot, commenting doesn’t help in getting backlinks which are essentially external links. Instead, commenting helps in getting only internal links apart from a way to advertise your blog indirectly. However, if a blogger(blogspot) user comments on a WordPress blog then it would give him a backlink as the domains of blogger and WordPress are different. Hope this information was useful.

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2 thoughts on “Internal Link – Its true meaning and significance

  1. Thanks for your information on links. Your site is an informative one. Great site, keep up the good work.

  2. Nice post. I am really having hard time figuring the real meaning and significance of internal links.

    I am making another internal link with this comment. hehehhe..


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