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One of the first things I did after I created this blog was to register for a few traffic exchange sites. Traffic exchange sites are one of the best ways of driving traffic to your blog. This is how a traffic exchange site works. You visit a few sites that are listed randomly and in turn your site gets visited by other members of the traffic exchange site. It does you no harm if you can visit about 10-15 sites a day. Most traffic exchange sites work on 1:1 ratio meaning for each site that you visit your site gets visited once. Here are a few recommended sites that I have registered for:

  • TrafficG – This site usually offers a 1:1 visitor ratio. But as you browse through sites you’ll be offered a skill set and if you complete that skill set your ratio improves.
  • Trafficswarm – This site helps you not only promote your site but also you can promote banner ads. You can split the credits earned between your blog and your banner ads.
  • Blogclicker – This is a traffic exchange site for only blogs. You visit others’ blogs and they visit yours on a 1:1 ratio. Additionally you can comment on blogs that you visit so that you can get backlinks.
  • CommentingforLinks – This site is unique and is most recommended by me if you want a lot of backlinks. This is how it works. After registration you are provided with an HTML/ASP code which can be customized and which you need to place on your site. The code is for a comment box where visitors can comment on your site. The best part is each comment earns you a backlink. And the more you comment the more backlinks you earn. You can spot a blue comment box on my site at the right hand side. That is where people comment to get a backlink. And any new user who comments on your site automatically promotes your site on his site and so do his downline members!
  • Linkreferral – This is also a unique and highly recommended site. After registration you need to visit sites and review them. But that is optional as without doing nothing after just logging in your site will be visited at atleast 10 times a day if you have good content. Already my blog is listed under “Featured Sites” without me doing anything!
  • Blogcatalog – This site is similar to mylot with the exception that you don’t get paid for posting discussions. But each post brings you a backlink as your blog’s feeds are indexed by blogcatalog.

2 thoughts on “Recommended Traffic Exchange Sites

  1. I just wonder, will we get banned from adsense (mine is google adsense) if we drive traffic to our site like traffic exchange?

  2. Well I don’t think so. But since I don’t use Adsense I can’t be sure of that. No harm in driving traffic as long as the adsense ads are not clicked from the same IP address I guess.

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