Ways to improve Alexa Ranking

First of all I would like to point out that Alexa can take upto 4 months(or even more like in my case) to update your site ranking. And the the only way to improve the Alexa ranking is by installing their toolbar. And you must also encourage your friends and other users to do so. Fortunately or unfortunately thats the only way. The is the way it works. You browse your site everyday with their toolbar installed on your browser. The toolbar then communicates with Alexa and updates the traffic/hits to your site in its database. Eventually you will see an improvement in your Alexa ranking. Anyone else visiting your site with Alexa toolbar installed in their browser also add to the hits. Frankly, I think Alexa is a bit selfish in having a policy of their toolbar having to be installed in order for them to improve our ranking. But revenue generating services like PayPerPost require a good Alexa ranking as well apart from Google PR so I finally made the decision to install their toolbar. I won’t say that I encourage users to do the same. But if some of you have registered for a few services that require Alexa ranking then you must install Alexa toolbar.

2 thoughts on “Ways to improve Alexa Ranking

  1. The reliability and credibility of the Alexa Rankings have often been subject to differences. There are opinions that the Alexa ranking is far more credible and true for the sites below 10,0000 than that for the ones above it. Another factor that proves to be a major drawback of the Alexa rankings is that the rankings are governed by the Alexa toolbar and the Alexa toolbar users community. All the browser types are not taken into account as far as the rankings are concerned. As for example the Alexa rankings does not work in Windows Vista even though the latter has a huge user base and is highly popular.

  2. The fact that Alexa ranking doesn’t work with Windows Vista is very surprising to me as many “Paid to Blog” services like PayPerPost depend on Alexa ranking. And these days new laptops have only only Vista installed.

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