I recently purchased the latest Windows Mobile from Asus. The p527. First of all I would like to point out that if you are into mobile gaming then this is the last phone on earth that you’ll ever want to buy! The maximum amount of memory(RAM) that can be available after you have managed to kill all processes doesn’t exceed 20 MB. And most of the new PDA games like Call of Duty 2 need atleast 15 MB memory. There is another annoying feature. These games only run on landscape mode and there is no setting or application to make them work on portrait mode(atleast as far as I know). Add to it the fact that the keypad on the phone is too small and without the stylus its impossible to play. Imagine controlling your character in Call of Duty 2 with the stylus! Or worse driving a car in a race game like Need for Speed High Stakes with the stylus! Has gaming ever been more difficult or annoying on any other phone or console? Considering I switched over from N-Gage to p527 you can imagine what a difficult time I must be having!
Anyway coming to the “good” features of this model. Its got GPS and Wi-Fi. You don’t have to pay a dime for any of those services. Another feature thats very useful is the Active Sync. You can Sync your phone to your PC through USB or Bluetooth( Yes through bluetooth! I tried it and it works!) and have your phone use your PC’s internet connection! This is useful if you are into WAP gaming (like me). Finally I can now play WAP games without GPRS. (I am currently looking for a MMORPG game for windows mobile).
As a stock model this phone doesn’t support file transfer through bluetooth directly onto MMC. I use a third party bluetooth application for it. And for a new user sending an sms from this phone can drive him crazy. At first I thought its impossible to type without the stylus but there is way to do it. I have still not tried other features on this phone like Remote Desktop Connection and I still can’t figure out a way to select a ringtone without saving it first to phone memory. Anyway I am still exploring a lot of other features but I have to say atleast this phone doesn’t bore me as it always has something new and springs up a surprise every now and then! As an example I didn’t know about the Bluetooth – Active Sync option until a week ago.And there are thousands of applications to experiment with and upgrading/reinstalling the OS is as easy as on your PC as its a Windows Mobile. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and knowledge on this exciting model!