ActiveSync through Bluetooth

ActiveSync, a synchronization program developed by Microsoft allows a mobile device to be synchronized with a Desktop PC. Other than syncing your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes you can also use services like connecting to internet through your Windows Mobile using your Desktop PC’s internet connection. You can also Install/Uninstall programs on your mobile and copy/remove files as well.

Here is a step by step guide to setup ActiveSync via Bluetooth
(Note that the features correspond to ActiveSync 4.5 and a Windows Mobile 6 or higher powered Device)

* Setup a Bluetooth partnership between your PC and your Mobile. This doesn’t require much explaining. The process just involves turning on the Bluetooth on both your mobile and PC and making them discoverable and them to the “Devices” list on each other.

* Go to control panel on your PC and open Bluetooth Manager. Add a Bluetooth COM port under the tab called as Local Services. Select Add Serial Device and make a note of the COM Port Number.

* Set the Bluetooth COM port in the ActiveSync connection settings dialog. And select the same COM port number which you noted down before.

* On your Handset go to Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth
Your PC should be listed in the Devices Tab (If step 1 was successfully done)
Click on the PC device in the list to open the “Partnership Settings” screen.

* After clicking on the “Refresh” button, you should see a “ActiveSync” service on your mobile.

* Open ActiveSync on your Mobile Device : Start -> Programs -> ActiveSync

Click on Menu -> Connect via Bluetooth ! If the ActiveSync partnership has been configure properly as described above, you should see activity on ActiveSync running both on PC and the mobile device. If your PC is connected to the Internet, the same will also be used by your Bluetooth connected mobile device.

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