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Alexa improves my blog's rank again
February 26, 2009
Alexa has been improving my blog's rank almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. Now my blog's Alexa ranking stands on a career high 665,494 considering it was ranked some 5 million five months ago! Its a vast improvement in my opinion. I am waiting for the next Google PR update now. It should happen by mid March.

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Thursday, February 26, 2009   0 comments
New site for New/Used Cars
February 20, 2009
I found a new site where people can buy new and used cars. The variety of cars range from Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota and so forth. In fact you can find cars of any brand. Not only that you can also sell your used car online. Its easy and does not take more than a few minutes. You can also lease cars for a monthly fee. A regional search can be performed for the cars you are looking for in your region. There are lot of discounts available especially for used cars.
New Ford
posted by Satish Iyer @ Friday, February 20, 2009   1 comments
Alexa improves my ranking finally
February 11, 2009
After a wait of more than 3 months Alexa finally updated my blog's rank. But I had to send them a few emails and install their toolbar on my browser. But they still have not updated the thumbnail view and the number of backlinks my blog has. Anyway I recommend all users to install Alexa toolbar if they want their Alexa ranking to be improved. It can be downloaded from here. Make sure you browse your site everyday after you install the toolbar and also recommend your friends to do so.

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Wednesday, February 11, 2009   1 comments
Benefits of SEO Services
February 2, 2009
There are lots of benefits if you are opting for a SEO management service. Indexing of your pages is a faster. Your site is added to all major directories. It offers management of META tags and keywords. So we actually don't need to do much than apart from just creating content. You can also get statistics for your site which include total visitors per day, total unique visitors etc.
posted by Satish Iyer @ Monday, February 02, 2009   4 comments
Importance of Keywords and Title Tags in SEO
Keywords along with title tags are the key to SEO. Though keywords and title tags literally are the same as far as I know they are slightly different(for a blogger). Keyword is actually one of several META tags. Keywords are added inside the META tags into the html code inside the "head" tag of your homepage and can include all title tags plus any additional keywords that are used for the whole content of your site. Title tags are keywords that vary for each post in your blog. Title tags essentially refer to one particular post and can be unique for each post in your blog. Google search engine now ignores META tags, hence title tags are very important for its search results. Google search results(SERP) are decided with title tags. Other search engines mostly use META tags.
posted by Satish Iyer @ Monday, February 02, 2009   1 comments
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