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Wholesale Apparel
March 29, 2009 is an online clothing wholesaler for whoesale clothing and wholesale apparel which carries fashion apparel from hundreds of L.A.'s importers and manufacturers. Majority of the wholesale clothing are either leftovers or overstocks of the above mentioned manufacturers. Large quantities of fashion apparel is acquired from these manufacturers and hence are sold for discounted prices for the customers. The wholesale clothing is of the highest quality at and ranges from close cut jeans, skirts, sweaters, jackets, tops among numerous others. Also on wholesale apparel like quality tops of almost any design and color can be found for prices as low as $4. All types of jeans in existence can be found here. Everything from close-out jeans wise -- boot cut, low-waisted, hiphugger, stretch, straight leg, flared and playfully decorated -- is going for prices that can’t be beat! The price range is from $5 to a max of $12 but most jeans can be found for around $7.50. There are a variety of skirts available for a price range of around $4 to $7. There is a lot to choose from as far as Plus Sizes is concerned (75 items per page from a total of 8 pages!). Again the prices are very reasonable. As you browse through categories and go to other wholesale apparels like Sweaters and Jackets you will not find as many items as the ones mentioned above. Perhaps they sell out quickly! After all who would sell them for $6 to $7 apiece? Well I forgot to mention that is mainly for women's clothing but also find a few items for Men (mostly T shirts). Finally coming to the payment part, you can either pay by credit card(all major credit cards accepted), Cheques or Paypal. And if you are not completely satisfied you can expcet a full refund (with a few complications ofcourse). Overall a great shopping site for Women...
posted by Satish Iyer @ Sunday, March 29, 2009   0 comments
Web Hosting Rating
March 22, 2009
If you are looking for a web hosting provider and are new to such type of services then I would recommend visiting This site rates all web hosting providers known today. It gives an in-depth review of each web hosting provider of which some of the features include the price of using the service, the disk spcace provided, type of security provided(SSL Secure Server, SSH Access etc), Site building tools provided(Web Templates, FrontPage Extensions etc), type of scripting used which can range from PHP to Perl. There are numerous other useful links on the site. Find a list of current top 10 web hosting providers with their main features listed for a quick glance. On another page you can find a list of the newest web hosting providers with a brief summary of their features. There is also an option to sumbit a Web Host of your own. Also every month a list of awards are given to the best web hosting providers. These awards are totally judged on the feedback given by the customers/end users. Overall, its a very informative site on web hosting providers and its a must-visit site for people who are serious about finding a suitable web host.
posted by Satish Iyer @ Sunday, March 22, 2009   2 comments
Northumbria Numbers
March 18, 2009
Northumbria Numbers is a site where in you can request for a private number plate for your vehicle and more often than not you will get what you want. Northumbria Numbers was established in 1995 and is headquartered in the Border County of Northumberland. You also have the oportunity to sell your number plates on a no-sale, no-fee commission basis. There are numerous categories to search for the unique number plate that you are looking for. Some of the categories include search by number, search by letters etc. You can also make your own custom plate which is one of the most exciting features. I would recommend this site for anyone who is looking for a unique number plate.
posted by Satish Iyer @ Wednesday, March 18, 2009   0 comments
PayPerPost flags my blog
March 14, 2009
All of a sudden I received an email from PPP stating my blog has been flagged by them. This is the email:

Hello Satish Iyer,

As you know, we work really hard to make sure the blogs in our network are of the highest quality. So, you may have heard that we're enforcing stricter controls for blogs submitted to the PayPerPost network.

Unfortunately, your blog ('My Page') does not meet our standards for overall quality and will no longer be able to be used for accepting marketplace opportunities. Payments currently pending will still be made to your supplied PayPal address.

For more information about the blog assessment please visit


The PayPerPost Team

This really surprised me as my blog's PR is 2 and Alexa ranking is 480,000 odd and they didn't give me a valid reason too. I will contact their support and check what's going on!
posted by Satish Iyer @ Saturday, March 14, 2009   5 comments
Sponsored Reviews
March 6, 2009
My blog had been approved by Sponsored Reviews a while ago. It certainly offers more opportunuties than PayPerPost and also seems to pay more. But the most annoying part is this. I had taken a few opportunities about 2 weeks ago now and none of them have even been responded by the advertiser. I don't know how long it takes for an advertiser to accept the bid (super affiliate)and according to Sponsored Reviews it can take upto 180 days after which the bids are rejected automatically. Is there anyone who has earned from Sponsored Reviews?
posted by Satish Iyer @ Friday, March 06, 2009   1 comments
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