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Blog migration to custom domain
July 28, 2009
After almost nine months of blogging I have decided to move my blog to a custom domain. Here after all my new and existing posts will be redirected to My ultimate aim is to switch to a custom domain on Wordpress after about 2 months. I also have an FTP account which I'll be implementing after I move to Wordpress as using FTP on blogger makes me ineligible to import ../css/rach engines would have updated my URLs to the custom domain thereby preserving my traffic which won_icma5ov7ghyxkmcwuu46xn.css't require me to start from scratch after I switch to Wordpress. All my blog visitors will be auto-redirected to For those of you interested in importing your blog to Wordpress here are some useful links.
  • Moving From Blogger To Wordpress – Maintaining Permalinks, Traffic & SEO.
  • Import ../Blogger Beta Posts to WordPress .css| TechCounter - TechNews, Money & SEO.
  • Move From Blogger To Wordpress and Maintain Permalinks And Traffic.


posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, July 28, 2009   3 comments
Adsense Alternative
July 7, 2009
I recently signed up for Chitika which is a good alternative for adsense. The ads appear similar to adsense ads. Chitika has certain features which are very unique. The ads appear on your blog only for those visitors who reach your blog via a search engine. For example when someone does a google search for the phrase "Bidvertiser Tricks" and if your site comes up on the SERP page and if the visitor clicks on it and reaches your blog then he will see the ads but not if he reaches your blog directly. This kind of features eliminates accidental self clicking of ads as they don't even appear when you are modifying your blog. But your earning entirely depends on how good your blog is far far search engines are concerned. Chitika pays through cheque (minimum balance $100) and Paypal with a minimim balance of $10 for withdrawal. For more information click here.

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posted by Satish Iyer @ Tuesday, July 07, 2009   1 comments
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