Solved – KERN 3 EXEC error on Symbian s60 5th edition mobiles!

NOTE: This issue occurred on my personally hacked Nokia C 5 (s60 5th edition mobile) while I tried to launch the N-Gage game Brothers in Arms. The solution below has been personally tested and verified by me.


Firstly the phone needs to have been hacked to install unsigned apps and the N-Gage app installed and running with N-Gage 2.0 games installed. (Read my previous posts for how to do so).

While launching some N-Gage 2.0 games(like Brothers in Arms) on a hacked phone the game generates a KERN 3 EXEC error and fails to launch. This is common for games that are more than 15 MB in size. I googled for about a week and was unable to find a solution.


Installing a simple s60 3rd edition app helped me get past this! And I was able to launch ANY N-Gage game.(silly and easy but effective!)

This app is called Smart Office and it works only on s60 3rd edition mobiles so to install this on 5th edition the mobile has to be hacked first (read previous post).

Before installing make sure Rompatcher+ has all patches enabled.

Install Smart Office and exit.(Don’t try to launch it, it does nothing on a 5th edition mobile)

Launch Rompatcher+ again and disable all patches and exit.

Launch the N-Gage app and launch the installed game and voila! (no error this time!)

Download the Smart Office app from here!

This should solve the problem on any Symbian s60 5th edition mobile and I know a lot of people have suffered and have been looking for a solution. No more suffering :)



Installing N-Gage on Symbian s60 5th edition mobile

In order to install N-Gage client on your Symbian s60 5th edition mobile you need to first follow the steps in my previous post on hacking the mobile. Then Continue:

Download RomPatcherPlus_3.1.sisx on your mobile.

Launch it.

Enable all patches and exit.

Download and install N-Gage client.

Download and install any N-Gage game – like Asphalt 3 N-Gage.

To play the game:

First launch Rompatcher and disable all patches(else game will not work)

Launch the game and play!

After playing exit the game and re-enable all the patches.