Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y Pro b5512

I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro b5512 and I will document the required steps below. But first let me explain something..

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process allowing users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as “root access”) within Android’s subsystem. Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices, resulting in the ability to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions, or perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user. Rooting is analogous to jailbreaking devices running the Apple iOS operating system or the Sony PlayStation 3. In a rooted android mobile we can install apps that require special privileges and access to system files. Rooted apps are most powerful and used to tweak the mobile…

Steps to root Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5512:

Firstly make sure your phone’s battery is charged by about 70%

  1. Download the flashable rooting package ZIP file from here and save it to your PC.
  2. Connect your Galaxy Y Pro Duos to your PC via USB cable.
  3. Copy the downloaded ZIP file to the root of your phone’s SD card.
  4. Disconnect your phone from your PC.
  5. Enable USB Debugging mode on your phone. You can do this by heading to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging. Make sure that there is a check mark beside that option.
  6. Switch off your phone.
  7. Reboot into Recovery mode. You can do this by pressing and holding down the Volume Up and Home buttons, then press the Power button once.
  8. Once inside recovery mode, navigate using the volume up/down keys select “Install zip from SD card” by pressing the home key..
  9.  Select “Choose zip from SD card” and select the downloaded ZIP file to begin the installation process.  It takes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for the process to finish.
  10. Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” then select “Wipe Cache Partition” on the screen that follows.
  11. Select “++++Go Back+++++” then choose “Reboot System Now”.
  12. On your phone, download and install the Superuser app from the Google Play Store.
  13. Superuser app will monitor the rooted apps that you install and give them complete access to system files.
  14. In case you want to restore your phone back to how it was or un-root it here is the original flashable file.( I have not tested this yet)

This process is very simple and hardly takes a minute…




Onto the world of Android!

For six+ years I have used Symbian s60 mobiles and I have tweaked them to the best of my ability and made maximum use of them. I have also documented and posted some of my tweaks in my previous posts. However the world of Symbian seems to have exhausted itself towards me and now is the time to enter the world of Android! Two days ago I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and officially entered the world of Android.

I will be trying my hand at exploring Android phones, apps, games and will post any useful tips or tweaks that will help the vast community of android users. Welcome to the world of Android!