Must have Android apps

I have been fiddling my rooted android mobile for three weeks now. I have explored the Google Play store and I have tried out several apps. However I will list apps that are a must have or atleast the apps that I consider as most useful so far. I will start from the basic ones and move on to the sophisticated and interesting ones:

Facebook Messenger:

This app syncs our facebook account and acts like a push mail facebook service. We receive notifications immediately if we receive any messages to our facebook account. While replying to messages we can also send out our location coordinates. Also we can see who’s online on facebook without going online ourselves This app is totally free.

App 2 SD Free:

This application does much more than just transfer apps from phone memory to SD card. It also clears the cache with one click of a button.  I found this app better than many others that do the same thing.


Usually the android apps are filled with pop up ads that keep showing up during normal usage and it can get on our nerves especially while using a messenger/email. Installing AdFree disables ALL these pop up ads! Just install it, register your local hostname once and leave it. It will do the rest!

ES File Explorer:

This is a free file explorer to explore the contents of SD card only. It also has the functionality to move apps to SD card and also this is the app I use to “Uninstall” any app. Can also be used to hide folders.

ES Task Manager:

This is an add-on to the ES File Explorer. This is more than just a task manager and does more than the default TM. We can kill any system app, clear cache and release memory. Also has a feature called “Power Optimizer” which helps us to shut off many features at the same time as well as individually and save battery.  This app helped me to turn the “vibration” mode off for all apps at once. A must have task manager!


Ofcourse a must have SMS app for any user! It uses the phone’s data connection instead of the regular SMS service. Send any msg to anyone in the world for free. Can also send attachments.

MX Player:

The only player which plays avi files on my phone. Also supports other file formats like mp4, m4v, mpeg and flv. Regular codec updates keeps the player updated.

tTorrent Pro:

FInally, my phone has a fully functional torrent client. tTorrent not only is the best client for android but it also supports downloading only a certain files/directories from a particular torrent file, something which other torrent apps lack! With a 32 GB SD card I let the tTorrent run 24 hrs a day (with a wifi connection)

Superuser(rooted phone only):

Finally we come down to rooted apps. Superuser is like an application manager for rooted apps. Using this app we can grant/undo the full access/permissions required by rooted apps. (Please check my tutorial on rooting a phone).

More on rooted apps soon…