Tasker – Must have app for Android

Intentionally I have taken a while to mention about Tasker. I read about it in every android forum and about how it automates various tasks and processes. I read how it makes the user take complete control of his mobile. I have taken sometime to test it out. And it is true. I can point out a huge array of tasks that can be automated. There is even a wiki dedicated to Tasker. Its that important!

Okay a simple example will prove its worth: You want to launch a few applications automatically whenever you are near a known wifi hotspot. To make it more useful, you would like to turn on wifi automatically at a given time point of time. At the same time you would like to enable push mail services and turn off Edge/3G…. Hmm all steps combined into one.. Impressive? Hell yeah!

I would like to mention that Tasker is by no means a simple app. It takes practice and some acclimitization. This app is like a mini Operating System with its own rules and way of handling events. This app runs or is activated based on a trigger of an “event”. An example of an event can be anything from screen timing out to phone ringing or an incoming SMS. Each of these is an event. We need to set up “profiles” for each “task” you would like to automate based on a particular “event”.

In the above example :

event1 = time of the day.

task1= wifi turning on automatically once event1 is triggered

event2= task1 completing its task.

task2 = auto launching an app upon completion of task1.

I know it may look complicated. But if we get used to the Tasker GUI and play around a bit you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Please refer to the wiki for a few preloaded “profiles”. And trust me you will love this app….