So far I have tried the following MMORPGs in the iOS platform and I recommend them for people who would like to try them out:

Celtic Heroes: Adventure MMORPG. This was the first game I played on iPad. Its an adventure type MMORPG with quests that can be completed with/without team. This game can be tedious with a lot of running around and we have to really grind for gear. There is also arena and PvP and Guilds. Many classes to choose from.

Pocket legends: This is an MMORPG for mobile platform but can also be played on tablet. The characters might be cartoonish but the game is addictive. Auto party and team hunting can be fun. Can be hard as solo…just 3 classes to choose from.

Heroes of Order and Chaos: Currently my favorite MMORPG for iOS. Warcraft style setup. We can control only one hero who can be levelled and upgraded. PvP (5 vs 5, 3 vs 3), Solo with CPU, Co-op modes available. Fun but takes a while to accumulate gold (emblems). Options to use real money. 30+ heroes to choose from. Only one unique hero per battle for a team. A must try game.

Star Legends: Similar to Pocket legends except the characters are more “human”. Fast and fun. We can just play for 10 minutes and logoff anytime…comfortable.