How to make Whatsapp work on iPad 2 (with wifi only)

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Whatsapp is a must have messenger app for any platform. I have been using it since they went to production. However my phone has a hardware problem and I have been without it for 3 days. I do have an iPad 2 but it lacks the features of a phone and I needed Whatsapp the most. I searched for ways to make Whatsapp work on my iPad which doesn’t have a sim card slot which is a requirment for Whatsapp. But fortunately there is a way to make it work and here is how:

1) First requirement is to have your iPad jailbroken. This is a must otherwise the tweaks wont work. To learn about jailbreaking refer my earlier posts. Cydia will be installed obviously upon jailbreaking.
2) Next install Whatsapp from any external resource for free or from Apple store if want to pay for it.
3) Do not launch Whatsapp yet or you will receive incompatible device error! Goto Cydia and search for a source called Whatspad (thats right not whatsapp) and install it.
4) Next launch Whatsapp and it should work normally now.
5) Enter your mobile number and wait for the validation code. It doesnt have to be the same number as the one you use on your mobile Whatsapp but any number where you can receive the code. Enter it and you are all set!

Note: Whatsapp cannot be installed on stock non 3G iPads.

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