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This issue occurred on my laptop a couple of weeks ago. I lost all my thumbnails for all video file types. What I did was I deleted the thumbnails cache while using CCleaner to clean up my PC. Immediately I lost all my thumbnails. I tried to check for a solution on Google and I found out that this issue is quite common but its a pain to restore the thumbnails back. Most of the solutions didnt work. Some involved changing registry keys and changing folder options and modifying the K-Lite Codec Pack etc. None of these really worked for me.
I researched further and finally found a easy solution to this annoying issue. There is a free app called Media Preview and it restores thumbnails for all known file types. Whats more you can add your own file type or a missing file type like flv! Check out the screenshot below:

This is the easiest way to restore all thumbnails. There is no need to fiddle with registry. Try it if you have this issue.

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