About me: My name is Satish Sridharan. I hail from Bangalore, India. I am an Engineer by profession. My hobbies include Reading (sci-fi), Gaming and Blogging. I love listening to Heavy Metal music and writing about it. I love watching Hollywood movies and am a huge fan of Johnny Depp(Captain Jack Sparrow). Among sports I watch Formula 1 and Cricket.  Professionally, I finished my Sun certification (SCJP) in Java and am trying to learn PHP. I can design and modify PHP, HTML and  CSS code. I know C and C++ as well.

About this Website: This website (formerly a blog) was first developed on 21st October 2008. At that point of time it was just a blogger site with useful articles on SEO. After about 3 months my site attained a Google PR of 2 and I then decided to switch to custom domain. After about 6 months on custom domain I decided to convert the blog to a full time website and with the help of my friend I purchased server space and moved to Wordpress. The site has gone through a lot of changes recently and now includes Downloads as well. Feel free to browse and leave your comments.