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Difficulty faced in blog migration to Wordpress

by Satish Sridharan ·

I have been trying to migrate my blogger blog to Wordpress for quite sometime. I have googled and found various methods of doing so. However I seem to be facing the same issue over and over again. After importi../../css/mat of my Wordpress to that of Blogger before migration. Now there is a new problem. I get an __8220_5eb38uha034dy5i5o3gb3r.css;Internal Server Error” if I enter the URL of my Wordpress. I tried changing the DNS settings for my domain and creating CNAME and A Record but I cant even get to my login screen at For the moment I have switched back to Blogger until I find a solution.


Blog migration to custom domain

by Satish Sridharan ·

After almost nine months of blogging I have decided to move my blog to a custom domain. Here after all my new and existing posts will be redirected to My ultimate aim is to switch to a custom domain on Wordpress after about 2 months. I also have an FTP account which I’ll be implementing after I move to Wordpress as using FTP on blogger makes me ineligible to import ../../css/ngines would have updated my URLs to the custom domain thereby preserving my traffic which won__8217_mbo2wextoyeeu0e0ypdy6p.css;t require me to start from scratch after I switch to Wordpress. All my blog visitors will be auto-redirected to For those of you interested in importing your blog to Wordpress here are some useful links.

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