VLC Player alternatives

We all know VLC player is used by a vast majority of people simply because it supports most video formats. What VLC does is it amplifies volume by upto 4 times a normal speaker can handle. This is fine with desktop speakers. But with laptops sometimes 400% volume is too much and eventually the speakers will start making crackling noises and stop working completely. This is exactly what happened with my HP 500 laptop. I also found out that this happens regularly due to VLC. Hence I uninstalled it.
There are many alternate players available and after some research I managed to find a perfect if not a better alternative. The K-Lite Media Player. I had used this player before but was not aware of its complete power. This player supports most formats if we install the right codecs. Also it supports and downloads subtitles for any video format including .m2ts format which is not supported by VLC. Here is what you need to do:

  • Install the latest K-Lite Media Player Classic.
  • Install the DirectVobSub_2.41.7259_x86 (for playing subs).
  • And finally install the Combined Community Codec pack for windows media player.(supports all major video formats)
  • Rename the downloaded subtitle file to the same name as the movie file or download the subtitle while playing the movie!
  • Improve your browsing speed while using Bittorrent!

    There is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Been floating around for while and its claimed to improve the browsing speed drastically. Its called Speedyfox. I had to test it out as I noticed several people who had been amazed at the improved browsing speed.
    What SpeedyFox does is actually quite elementary if you stop and think about it. You see Firefox uses SQLITE databases to store its settings and important data (one database per “profile”). The longer you use Firefox, the more that database grows. SpeedyFox simply compacts that database and improves the browsing speed.
    Its a small file.Download from here. Before running Speedyfox close all browsers. Launch and Hit the “Optimize” button. This may take from a few seconds to a few minutes deepening on the amount of browsed data in the cache. Upon completion just exit it and start browsing!
    I noticed a signifcant improvement especially when I browsed with my downloads(torrents) running.