BSNL Broadband DNS glitch!

For the past one month I had been unable to open any Google link and my gmail, yahoomail account from my PC, laptop and my PDA connected to the same BSNL network. I was even unable to open the login page of my own site! What used to happen was this. Whenever I opened the google search page it used to get redirected to some hack site with the same address as google! This happened for many other sites like yahoo, gmail etc. I was really getting annoyed as I tried everything to fix this. Kaspersky anti virus detected no virus. I then tried anti-spyware like Spybot and Malwarebytes. Still nothing! I then reinstalled the Windows XP OS on my PC. The problem didnt occur for 2 days but then today it started again! I came to the following conclusion:

  • Since it affected the PC, laptop as well as my PDA it was not a system virus or spyware.
  • I then tried  to connect to another wireless network(non BSNL)  from my laptop and was able to login to Gmail without any issues!
  • Hence it had to be a BSNL glitch.
  • Calling their Support is quite useless as I’ve experienced it in the past.
  • So from my laptop I just googled for an hour intending to find any BSNL glitches related to Google links being redirected and voila I found it!
  • There is an issue with the default BSNL DNS address and!
  • I changed it to  and and suddenly everything started working again!

BSNL users I suggest to you guys to not use their default DNS address. If you have any such problems please do not waste your time on Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware but change the DNS address and see what happens! For further queries you can discuss this in the forum under “BSNL Issues”.