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Lt Aldo Raine(from Inglorious Basterds) meets Captain Jack Sparrow (compiled by myself):

Jack: I’ve heard of you mate. I heard you be looking for a crew.

Aldo: You heard right, but if you heard of us then you’d have heard we ain’t in the prison taking business, we in the killing nazi business and cousin business is a-booming.

Jack: A pirate’s business is nigh dull mate and its always booming.

Aldo: But I got a warning for you would-be warrior. When you join my crew you take on a debt.

Jack: A pirate is always in debt mate. A pirate like me always borrows without permission. And what debt you be a-talking about Lt. First Class?

Aldo: A debt you owe me personally. Every soldier who joins my crew owes me the scalps of 100 nazis taken from the heads of 100 dead nazis.

Jack: Mate, been there done that. I once owed 100 souls to Davy Jones but I tricked myself out of it.

Aldo: I am not Davy Jones. I am Aldo the Apache! So I will have my 100 scalps. You will provide me with 100 scalps or you’ll die trying.

Aldo: Let me see whatcha got…no additional shots, no powder, a dagger I half expected to me made out of wood. How in nazi’s name you gonna manage with that? I am looking for a man to replace Sgt Hugo Stiglitz!

Jack: Do you have any idea who I am mate? I am Captain Jack Sparrow. Watch your mouth mate, this shot is not meant for you.

Aldo: You better save that one single shot for one uncle Adolf Hitler.

Jack: You bet scallywag. So where we be heading?

Aldo: Not to Tortuga for sure. We are going to Germany, not to teach the nazis a few lessons in humanity but to kill every son a bitch we find. Sound good?

Jack: Aye!