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Author Topic: BSNL Staff sucks!
Satish Sridharan
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BSNL Staff sucks!
on: September 4, 2010, 19:04

I had a wierd problem.I am using bsnl broadband 750 plus plan. My Modem is a SmartX MT 882. I use a Belkin 54G router. I use a splitter. For 5 yrs I have not had any issues. Last month this issue started:
When my PC is off the modem works fine and the links lights dont go off and on and I am able to use the router to connect to the laptop and internet connection is normal.
When the PC is on the link lights in the modem don’t come on(the power and LAN lights come on) at all and I cant connect to internet on my PC anymore.
Also since last week the link lights dont come on at all whether the PC is on or off.
What I have tried:
I had a few issues with PC so I had to reinstall OS.
I then tried a direct connection without using the splitter and by using the line that goes to the phone directly.
In this case the modem worked fine and the lights didnt go off and on.
So in a nutshell I am able to use the direct line but if I use the bedroom line which has a splitter the lights dont come on.
The most confusing part is this happens for a few days and the problem fixes itself. I called BSNL and they keep saying that from their end everything is fine. My question is whether is it a Line problem, a splitter problem, modem problem….Shall i cancel BSNL? Their support sucks!

Solution: Actually the BSNL moron who had fixed the modem had used the ADSL splitter in the wrong place. He had connected the phone line to the phone and then used a splitter. That is not recommended at all! Once I changed the setting everything worked fine!

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