Favorite Albums

Kill em All(1983) by Metallica is my all time favorite album till date and will probably will remain so forever. I can frankly say that this is the best old school album released and paved the way for many other aspiring bands of the 1980s. Obviously some of my all time favorite songs include in there.(Will talk about it under the Songs section)

And Justice for All…(1988) by Metallica: If Kill em All was an old school masterpiece then And Justice for All is perhaps the most aggressive and heavy duty album by Metallica. According to me this is probably the perfect Metal album ever. Songs like Harvester of Sorrow and The Frayed ends of Sanity are trully awesome.

Reign in Blood(1986) by Slayer: You cant think of Slayer without mentioning Reign in Blood. Released in 1986 this according to many is the best thrash metal album  ever. Songs like “Angel of Death” and “Raining Blood” are played at every Slayer concert.

Seasons in the Abyss(1990) by Slayer: A lot of people think Slayer was under-prepared when they released this album. This album is similar to South of Heaven released in 1988, the similarity being that they were slightly less aggressive compared to Reign in Blood and previous albums.  People started saying that Slayer had toned down and reduced their aggression. But that was not to be….

Far Beyond Driven(1994) by Pantera: This was probably the album of the year and came at the right time. Metal needed these type of albums to compete with bands like Nirvana at that time which were killing the genre.

Bonded by Blood(1985) by Exodus: This was the first album by Exodus and also their first album that I listened to just last year. I really didn’t know much about Exodus until I watched a documentary on Metal. Instantly I knew that this was another masterpiece of the 80s!

Death Magnetic(2008) by Metallica: Perhaps the best Metal album of the decade, Death Magnetic is a return to old school Metal of the 80′s. This is perhaps the rebirth of Metallica after a series of albums which didn’t quite live upto the standards set previuosly by Metallica. Two songs that really stand out from the album for me are “Judas Kiss” and “All Nightmare Long”…reminded me of And Justice for All.

Schizophrenia(1987) by Sepultura: A technically great album with one of my favorite songs by this band  “Escape to the Void”. In my opinion this is the best album by Sepultura. A must-listen for metalheads!

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