Migration to WordPress Complete

Finally I completely migrated my blog to WordPress from Blogger. I managed to retain all the backlinks, SEO juice, Alexa Ranking and Google Pagerank of 3. I had to wait for 4 months after I purchased a custom domain in order to allow for the Backlinks to update and point to my new domain. This is a new begenning for my blog and henceforth you can expect a lot of changes. I thank all my Readers who have helped me achieve this!

Difficulty faced in blog migration to WordPress

I have been trying to migrate my blogger blog to WordPress for quite sometime. I have googled and found various methods of doing so. However I seem to be facing the same issue over and over again. After importi../../css/mat of my WordPress to that of Blogger before migration. Now there is a new problem. I get an __8220_887xy3a3kuxn0tyg5j3uax.css;Internal Server Error” if I enter the URL of my WordPress. I tried changing the DNS settings for my domain and creating CNAME and A Record but I cant even get to my login screen at http://satishmania.utdisa.com. For the moment I have switched back to Blogger until I find a solution.