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Heavy Metal Music – The only type of music I listen to. I started about 8 years ago with the album Divine Intervention and till now have listened to 67 albums excluding other miscellaneous tracks. I’ve explained from scratch how I got introduced to it and how its a part of my life now. Read it all under “Heavy Metal”…..

Death Magnetic – Metallica’s latest album

Finally Metallica released an album after 5 years with their latest album Death Magnetic.I was really thrilled that most tracks were old school Heavy Metal. This is a major improvement after the albums like Reload and St Anger. There is no better music than old school 80s Metal and most tracks from this album are just that. As far as i am concerned this is their best album after the Black album(1991). My favorite track from Death Magnetic is “The Judas Kiss” which reminded me of And Justice for All(1988). The leads from the track “Broken, Beat and Scarred” are awesome. Not many old school Metal albums are released these days so i was really thrilled with Death Magnetic!

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