Imperium Romanum Expansion – My Review

Well the expansion for Imperium Romanum was released recently. In my opinion its not very dissimilar to its predecessor. The gameplay and objectives are very similar. Except that now we have four campaigns to choose from where as earlier there was the Timeline campaign and the Rome campaign in addition to half a dozen meaningless scenarios. Though the missions have a sort of historical flow and progress in terms of their difficulty, you’re free to play any mission from any campaign any time you like.
These campaigns have you building up the Roman presence in Britain, Germany and Africa, using the same type of gameplay found in the original game. Starting with a basic forum, you’ll need to build houses, agriculture, industry and a large enough military force to protect it all. However here’s somethin new. While upgrading the forum you can choose a God just like in Zeus or Poseidon. Vulcan, for e.g., will help your prefects extinguish fires more quickly, and Mercury will increase the walking speed of your slaves. You can even make a series of progressive offerings to your God to obtain several more abilities, like Mars’s ability to increase the size of your regiments, or Saturn’s ability to improve the efficiency of your agricultural industries. Here the game reminds me of Emperor.
On the war front the game is very similar to the original with the same limited troops to choose from. The only challenging mission is the Caesar’s Civil war. But the absence of units like Catapults, Battering rams, Stone throwers etc make it less interesting. The expansion isn’t much of an improvement in my case but still if you are a fan of IR like me then its worth it!

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